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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Best Deal Ever - (An Unabashed Plug!)

I just got a reminder from Pandora Radio that my subscription was coming up for renewal - you all probably are familiar with their service - it's basically free internet radio where you can program your own stations - you choose an artist, or a song, and they take it from there, playing music they think you will like based around your selection.  And, you can have up to 100 of these personalized stations. Pandora has been a godsend for Joie de Vivre.  For one thing, you can immediately stop a song you don't like - and we had plenty of otherwise great CDs with one wildly inappropriate song. We also got very tired of our CD collection - no matter how many we had, we felt like we were listening to the same ones over and over - and it was often hard to find music we all liked.  Now anyone at the front desk can have their station and stations can be switched in an instant.  You can have all this absolutely free - they just break in every so often to say "You are listening to Pandora radio" sometimes adding a small explanation of what the service is.  But, for a mere $36 a year, you get it with no interruption at all - $3 a month for their amazing service. This is what they used to call in the old days "such a deal."  We  L O V E  Pandora.

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