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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrity Visit

I was just writing up our November newsletter - and one of the new items I mentioned was "What I Hate from A to Z", Roz Chast's brand new book.  A new Roz Chast book is always very exciting and thinking about how many of her books we've sold over the years got me to reminiscing about the time - gasp - she came to Joie de Vivre!!  One of her close friends shops here regularly, and once told me she had given Roz and her family many gifts from Joie.  I was thrilled . . . and told her so . . . and she said, "Oh, next time she's visiting, I'll bring her in!"  My eyes got wide - and when that day eventually came, I could not have been more nervous if the President of the United States was coming in.  I was also terrified that she wouldn't really like the store - that she would just look around a minute, and then walk out.  But she came in, shyly said hello, then proceeded to look around for a good hour or more.  She didn't really say much but she left with a big bag of items from toys to a pair of acorn earrings.  It was really really really exciting.

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