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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Could This Mean?

A day or two ago I noticed a plastic bag pushpinned to the back of a jewelry display.  Inside it was a candy corn and a note scribbled on a post it that said "I am the Mirage Frog - currently replaced by a jelly bean."  Okay . . . .

It took me a minute or two to figure this out - but when I did, I realized how completely unfigureoutable it would be to anyone but the staff of Joie.  Jellybean?  A candy corn that calls itself a mirage frog?  Explanation - we have an item called the Mirage which has a reflecting mirror - it comes with a little plastic frog.  We must have replaced the frog with a jellybean way back at Easter, then put the frog back, then replaced it with a candy corn at Halloween and for some reason saved said candy corn when Halloween was over. Anyway, I kind of cherish these odd little moments

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