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Friday, November 11, 2011

Possible Ballot Initiative?

Some pretty crazy things get onto ballots these days - for example, the recently defeated "personhood" for fertilized eggs one in Mississippi.  I was talking to a friend the day after that went down and our conversation meandered into the weather and her walk to work that morning.  She mentioned that she had observed several houses with full fledged Christmas holiday decorations.  We were discussing how awful that was and I was suddenly struck with a brilliant idea - what about a ballot initiative that would make it illegal to put up holiday decorations before Thanksgiving?  Now there's something we could get passionate about . . . and possibly it could have a rider stipulating that they also must be taken down by Valentine's Day.  There could be a few exemptions - perhaps for those with really time consuming displays - but your average inflatable Santa would have to wait until the turkey was digested. We really feel that holiday decorations are more special and exciting when confined to a month or so.  Look for our petition in 2012 ! !

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