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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At The Risk Of Repeating Myself . . .

Joie de Vivre has now had a blog for three Thanksgivings . . . long enough that I just looked back to see what I wrote on each of the last two.  Then I thought - how silly, even if I write pretty much exactly the same thing - who will remember?  I'm sure (or relatively sure) that JoiedeBlog readers don't go back and compare what I wrote one year with what I wrote another.  And, I do feel kind of the same every year.  There are lots of things I look forward to -seeing all the customers who come, like Christmas, but once a year, for one. And the whole thing is kind of crazy and fun. I'm also slightly horrified at what is to come - my 24/7 work schedule, the end of regular life for a month . . . and slightly apprehensive about various things - will it be a "good" season, will we have a big snowstorm on a critical weekend, do we have enough extra staff, enough inflatable fruitcakes and other cool things to satisfy all our customers?  Will I make it through the season with my sanity intact?  As a (relatively) sane person, I do have some reservations about the commercial extravaganza the holidays have become and I shudder to read of stores opening at 5 am on Friday morning, a time that all of us Joie de Vivre people plan to be sound asleep in our beds. In any case, we look forward to helping you with your holidays needs be they large or be they small. And our lovely customers will certainly be on the long list of things I will give thanks for tomorrow when I raise that glass with family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon!

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  1. Have the best Thanksgiving!
    And a super crazy busy fun joyous holiday season!
    It is a true Joie de Vivre to shop at a pleasure treasure chest that
    overflows with gifts that make the holiday season so special!
    Thanks for being there.