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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gift Show Post 2

I'm limping less . . . and having a very good time at the Gift Show. Every time I come to this show, I am reminded of why I do come - it is so nice to see the people I buy from face to face - and also fun to meet new people. Fun to get a chance to talk about products, ideas, what works for us, how business is going, and fears, hopes, all that stuff. And I have found a lot of wonderful new products on this particular trip - and feel very excited about getting them into Joie de Vivre and showing them all to our customers. Some great lamps, plates and mugs by a new artist . . . a very exciting necktie . . . and something called an Animation Station that is the all time perfect accessory for our beloved finger monsters .. . you'll see. I just hope it doesn't snow so much that I never get back to Boston . . . .

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