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Friday, February 4, 2011

Um . . . Say What?

(Alternate title for post: I may not be as with it as I like to think.) The New York International Toy Fair begins in a week and both our mailboxes - actual and computer - are being flooded with "come to our booth at Toy Fair!" exhortations. We got a postcard today that gave me pause. A small airplane pulled a banner across the top of the card proclaiming "A New Game From the Creators of Quelf!" Underneath, in large, capital letters: FURT! Suddenly I felt like I didn't speak English. Quelf? Furt? Never heard of either. In small letters at the bottom the card said, "Be one of the first 50 people to run up and shout "Furt!" to receive a free "Freshen Up with Furt" pack!" Well, anything to get buyers into a booth, I guess. I doubt Quelf or Furt will be making an appearance at Joie de Vivre . . . but I have a feeling those words will remain in my head for awhile . . .

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