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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Because We're Small

We received our big seasonal order from a company called "Mr. Christmas" a few weeks ago.  They make battery operated music boxes with lights and moving parts - very fun and popular.  We take each one out of its box and test it to make sure all is well - and on this last order found at least a half dozen pieces that were not working.  We called their customer service department, and they are very good about replacing any problematic items, but as we were testing, we found ourselves realizing - most of their product is sold through much larger stores - and there is no way that the products are individually tested. So a certain percentage of purchasers take these pieces home, gift wrap them and give them away, only to find that they are broken or don't work.  Then the burden of contacting the company and getting a replacement falls to the customer, not the store.  Just saying - one of the many ways small is good !

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  1. I had a similar experience with one of the products that that company sells, I bought it, and when I was at home I realized some things were broken and did not work, I wasted my money!