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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basic Math

Every year I order too many calendars - because there's too many good ones to choose from and I always think they will all sell. Many of them are returnable for credit on other orders I place during the year so it's not a big problem, but we always end up with some from companies that don't take them back. We put them on sale for 40% off during January, but as most people who want calendars buy them before Christmas . . . we rarely sell them all. By February, we are not in the mood to look at sale calendars and they are taking away room we could use for new products, so years ago, we invented a special kind of sale. I make a big sign that says "Calendars - 100% off!" And the funny thing is, this really confuses people. They seem to think it's some kind of a trick when really, it's just our mathematical way of saying "free!" People come up to the desk asking "What does that mean, 100% off?" When we reply that it means we are giving them away, sometimes they look a little blank - it takes a moment to register. But once they realize we mean it, we get the next question, "How many can I take?" and soon, they are gone.


  1. Is it 100% off before or after the tax?

  2. before - then you must pay 6.25% of 0 !