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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning

Shortly after I opened the door this morning a woman walked in. She was just browsing, in for a card, and started to laugh at one of the silly books on the front table. Then she noticed the Tomas Savrda pieces and we talked about them for awhile. Next thing she was laughing at the taco purse. She moved over to the Mullanium bird sculptures and the Boss/Brown clocks before going back and buying a few cards and the Irresponsible Science book to give to her son. While she was checking out, she noticed the new little prints of paintings by the Mincing Mockingbird and we started talking about them and during the course of that conversation I found out she was an artist herself. She bought a print. I love it when people "see" all the aspects of the store - don't see only the jewelry, or only the kid's toys, or only the cards - that doesn't always happen. . . . a nice start to the day !

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