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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful, Enchanting, Illegal

A customer asked me if we sold sparklers yesterday and I had to tell him that sparklers are considered too dangerous to use here in Massachusetts and are therefore - illegal. I have so many fond sparkler memories from my youth - running around with them in the backyard, or on a beach in the dark, or drawing pictures in the air, always mesmerized by their sparkling beauty. They are such a perfect Joie de Vivre item, we would certainly sell them if we were in one of the 45 states where they are legal. And on the other hand - robo calls - why are they legal? It seems like things should be the other way around - those annoying robotic phone calls should be illegal - not the magical sparklers! It's all wrong. In any case, a reminder to anyone thinking of coming in and discussing the sparkler question in person - Joie de Vivre will be closed on the 4th.

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