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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Corn Season and That Means . . .

You need these ! I had my first two pieces of Massachusetts corn this week and what could possibly be better than to eat corn using these "Unicorn Corn Holders" ? We nominate them as the perfect summer gift - just pick up a bag of corn from your favorite farmstand . . . and a pack of these - you get 8 in each package - and off you go. (price, you ask? $8.50) And, unicorn alert: we have noticed more and more unicorn products out there, some of which will be arriving soon at our door. We're not sure why, no one really ever knows how these things happen (except maybe Malcolm Gladwell) - but it's starting to look like unicorns will soon be giving owls a run for their money. Stay tuned...


  1. Summer Corn on my mind now! Won't be able to shake it till
    I get the real thing. And the Uni Corn Holders must also be a word play.

  2. In case you wonder if people are reading - I stopped in yesterday just to buy the Uni-corns! They are a present to my husband, who bemoans the loss of our Uncle Sam Hat corn holders. Can't wait to surprise him!
    Thanks again for having the most fun store ever - it is a haven on a busy day.
    -Nancy's friend Karin :)