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Monday, May 24, 2010

No Tipping!

Today, a very friendly and sweet young woman bought a set of mustaches - $7 - and a card. She asked if I would gift wrap the mustaches, which I happily did - then, she suddenly thrust a $5 bill at me. I quickly realized it was meant to be a tip - and a rather extravagant one at that - and I quickly refused. Every so often we do have people try to tip us for gift wrapping, but it is one of the things that we like to provide (except at Christmas, when we physically can't keep up - but that's another story). So, we had a little tussle - she trying to give it to me, me refusing it, back and forth a few times, until I convinced her that we REALLY don't accept tips. "But you're always so nice to me," she protested. My answer: its just what we do: we try to be as nice and helpful to our customers as we possibly can be. She finally believed me I think, and pocketed her $5, thanked me again and left.

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