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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Compass Necklace and a Confession

This post requires a confession from me . . . so here goes. Over the last ten or so years, I have been watching and keeping up with a soap opera - to be specific - General Hospital. It all started when my gym got televisions, and ballooned into a bit of an obssession for awhile - now under control - and yet, I sometimes check their website at night to find out what's going on. It only takes a minute to read - much less time consuming than when I (confession #2) used to actually tape the show and watch it at home at night if I wasn't going to make it to the gym. There! You all know my secret. Anyway - yesterday, I read the summary and saw this: Jason thanks Sam for understanding why he needs to protect Michael and gives Sam a present. Sam grins. Wow, it's even wrapped! She opens the box to find a small compass on a chain, meaning Jason will always find his way to come back to her. Sniff. Pass us the Kleenex, please. I immediately wondered if this necklace was the beautiful compass necklace that we sell, made by Lee Ann Herreid of Individual Icons. So, I emailed her to see if she knew. She didn't, but she obligingly watched the entire episode on Hulu and reported back: "It wasn't my compasss. Bummer, huh? It did not really look like a compass. It was all silver and really tall. They did not give a good view of it. I was trying to figure out of I could zoom in on it... red box, thin chain, tall silver... thing. Didn't look like a compass." So... false alarm, but briefly exciting, and, we have the real thing right here at Joie de Vivre.


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