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Saturday, May 15, 2010

New York City - Just Like I Pictured It!

I am here in New York for the Stationary Show . . . but arrived a day early to go to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair as well as walk around the city some. The ICFF is a wonderful show, full of wonderful design. All too many of the things I am typically drawn to there have price tags from $1000 on up . . . so, not a good source to find things for Joie de Vivre on the whole, even though many of the things I saw were certainly whimsical enough to fit our mix. Like the canned anti-matter and gravity from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co . . . (these I would love to get for Joie but it's unclear if they wholesale) Then there are the wonderful globe lamps from Tom Dixon . .. these are perfect for Joie - except that $550 price tag . . . if you want to see these in person right in Boston, go to Scampo in the Liberty Hotel where a cluster hangs over the bar. Actually they seem quite reasonable compared to the $12,000 Barbara Krueger lamp I coveted at Moss! Anyway, tomorrow, on to the Stationary Show - postcards, books and plenty of things Joie de Vivre can afford.

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