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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 4

While listening to NPR on my drive home from Joie de Vivre tonight, I heard an interesting story on Marketplace. People who handle money - paper money - tend to be more optimistic and cheerful, Handling dollar bills actually helps ease both physical and mental pain. Researcher Kathleen Vohs of Carlson School of Management was the interviewee - and the woman who headed the study, first published in 2009. There was the usual "feeling better about yourself" data - and also a dramatic example where people put their fingers in hot, scalding water. Those who had touched money before the hot water didn't feel as much pain as the people who hadn't. Fascinating - though I think I'll skip the scalding water test. And . . perhaps this phenomena explains why I am usually cheerful. Giving out change everyday at Joie de Vivre. I admit, other factors may be at play . . but please - think before using that credit card or check - I want to stay happy!

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