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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let There Be . . . Silly Sounds!

Are three sound machines too much for one store? There were times yesterday when I would have said an unqualified "Yes!" And that "yes" would have been around the time there were maybe a dozen kids in the store, and each one would get hold of a sound machine. And each sound machine has 16 buttons. And the sounds are so fun, that hearing them only once is definitely not enough. But, we have a new sound machine and we love it. It makes cartoon sounds - everything from falling into water, to bang on head, to saw to splat, and my personal favorite, jibber-jabber a.k.a. "cartoon phone caller." It's a most worthy addition to the sound machine pantheon! And it only costs $500. APRIL FOOL ! It's $18, just like the others!

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