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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Gift From A Customer

A customer was in yesterday and bought a tiny chick from our Wee Forest Folk display. He was also interested in our miniature automata, and he and Nancy were chatting about tiny things in general. Then he said he was going to make something for her. He pulled out a small piece of paper and from it cut an even smaller square. Then he closed his eyes and began to fold, while telling a story. A the end of his tale, he placed his gift in Nancy's hand. (We have included a tiny devil duck for scale.) And to our generous and talented customer - thank you!!


  1. Wow.... impressive! And what a cool way to do it... eyes closed and talking.

  2. Love it!!! So tiny So cool

  3. And why is Sue anonymous?

  4. It's so delicate and beautiful that I'm concerned for its safety with the devil duck right there....