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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello, Better Business Bureau?

I wonder if the Better Business Bureau still exists. If so, I have a company I would like to file a complaint against - an internet advertising corporation called "Advertpages." I have been trying unsuccessfully to get off their list for months. I have clicked unsubscribe, written, faxed - and I lose them for a short period of time, then they're back. I submit, for your perusal, the header list of some of the emails I received from them yesterday morning. Business Retirement Plans. Disability Insurance. Portable Diesel Generators. Become a Certified Nurse. Roof Replacement. Mortgage Refinance. Find Private Jet. Cheapest Domain Name. Apply for Renters Insurance. Apply to Criminal Justice Program. And, perhaps my favorite - Used Forklifts for Sale. I understand that email has become like regular mail, but I realize I still have this quaint notion that email will be either personal or important. If my mail box was flooded with paper versions of these, I don't think I would find it quite as annoying. Actually, I doubt anyone would spend the money to send an advertisement for "Used Forklifts" to the general public if they had to pay for each item mailed. This is the downside of email - it's so inexpensive to send these things.


  1. i agree with you 100% i been receiving same junk emails,specially BBB is not a good company you pay a fee and you are in, a contractor I hired san diego restoration is BBB approved but owner of co. has ton of complaints and had two licences revoked under different names but he is BBB approved,what a joke

  2. I would like to comment about an online company that I have been dealing with. The name is MotoDirect out of Warren IN. In June of this year we had order two helmets from them. We received the helmets fast enough, but had to send one back to exchange for a larger size. It is Now August and still no helmet, I have tried calling,can't get through. Their mailbox is always full or line is busy or no answer period. Tried emailing them, no response. I would never recommend MotoDirect to anyone.