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Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Esoteric Joie Find

So, say you were cleaning up at the front desk and you had only worked at Joie de Vivre for one year. And you came across a small bottle of water with a taped on label - pink with black magic marker letters spelling out "Peep Show Water." You would most likely think "what the heck is this??" You probably wouldn't think what I thought when it was shown to me. My thought was "oh . . .. I remember those shot glasses!" We sold these cool shot glasses - with no liquid in them they looked like plain clear glasses - but when you added water, (Peep Show Water recommended)or more likely vodka or gin, a cheesecakey girl or beefcakey boy was revealed at the bottom of the glass. A very cool optical illusion . . . leading to a perplexing bottle of leftover water!

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