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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Unusual Request

First thing in the morning the phone rings. It's a woman who saw on our website that we sell jewelry and wants to know if we offer a particular service. Do we take stuck rings off people's fingers? Specifically, off the finger of her mother-in-law. (Please note that the date of this call was not April 1st!) We suggest the classic remedies - did she try water? soap? a little oil? The woman tells us that her mother-in-law's whole hand is badly swollen and she also has arthritis in her knuckles. We suggest that maybe she would want to see a doctor - but she doesn't like that idea. We apologize that we can't be more helpful- but wonder - what planet does this particular caller live on?


  1. She lives on Saturn where Ring problems originate.

  2. rings can be cut off fingers if really necessary