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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Annoying Comment of the Day

Yesterday a customer was looking at a little dish of plastic level and compass rings we have displayed on our front desk. They are plastic - but working compasses and levels - and have been very popular over the years - especially after people see the sterling silver handmade level and compass rings we sell for quite a bit more - (plastic level ring,$8 - silver, $60) This customer was well dressed and carrying a bag stuffed with socks and tights from a neighboring store. She picked up a level ring and turned it over in her hand. "If this was $2, I'd buy it" she announced to me and all within earshot. And I'm sorry, but that comment is just plain annoying. It's fine to think that to yourself, it's kind of rude to announce it to me. Exceptions: you are under ten years old or you are truly destitute - neither of which appeared to be the case. We do sell some expensive items here at Joie, and if a customer looks at a $150 kaleidoscope, loves it, and says they would definitely buy it if it was $50 - it doesn't offend us at all - we understand. (and over the years we have always allowed people to buy an expensive thing that they loved on the installment plan. Which makes me think - too bad I didn't offer that option to the compass ring customer - $1 a week, 8 weeks, and it's yours!)

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