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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Behind That Door?

Joie de Vivre is long and narrow and in the back of the store, to the right of a card rack, a door leads into our stockroom. The other day a man was browsing in the store for quite a long time - almost two hours. He was quiet, didn't say much, but as he bought a couple of cards he asked if he could go into the backroom. We said "no." He asked, "What's back there?" We said, "our stockroom." He looked puzzled and asked, "Why the sign?" We looked at the door. A large TinTin poster takes up most of the space, and right over it is a small tin sign that we sell. What does it say? "Adult Supervision Required." Whoops ! He clearly thought we had something pretty interesting behind that door. More interesting than the boxes of postcards, extra salt and pepper shakers, boxed wind chimes, shopping bag stock and packing materials that we store back there. And its funny - years ago we actually did keep a few "adults only" items in the back - anyone remember those little "surprise" chickens?

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