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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unusual Saturday

I spent roughly three of the eight hours I was working at Joie today - in the barbershop. And no, I was not having my haircut. I was watching the United States lose to Ghana in the World Cup. Last week one day, I heard ecstatic screaming - no other way to describe it - coming loudly through the walls between the barbershop and Joie, and when I went to investigate, found that the U.S. had just beat Algeria in the last minute of a game. "Come over and watch with us anytime," they said, and today, with the U.S. playing Ghana, it seemed crazy not to go. We had very slow business - probably a combination of the beautiful day and the game - so I took my cell phone (in case of a rush at Joie) and went next door. Heartbreakingly, the U.S. lost - though it was exciting for Ghana to win as they have now advanced farther than any African nation in any World Cup series. I don't really watch sports much - but I really like the international aspect of this event. And man - do those guys work hard. It was also interesting to sit in the barbershop and watch how quickly the men and boys got in and out. Not like my salon, where a haircut takes an hour! No appointments, guys just wander in and get their hair cut. So ... interesting afternoon !

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