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Friday, June 11, 2010

Joie makes the big "Times"

Two women were shopping yesterday who said they had never been to the store before. How did they hear about it? They said they read about us in - the New York Times !!! I am a former New Yorker - grew up on said publication, still read it every Sunday and during the week on the web, and consider the "Gray Lady" to be as good as it gets newspaper wise. Our name was in it?? Really ??? A quick search by Nancy found the link and here it is ! Right here. Okay, the New York Times itself did not write about Joie de VIvre. This is excerpted from a Frommer's Boston review. But . . . it was published IN the Times, Joie de Vivre right on their web page. It's not as glorious as the time I saw a large photo of my sister and her first daughter right on the front page of the Sunday Times "mother daughter enjoying day in the park" - causing me to scream right at the news stand - but give us time . . . this is just the beginning !

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