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Thursday, September 3, 2009

12 Little Tiki Drummers all in a row

Yikes. I didn't think my next blog would be Tiki related but we sold six more of them today. It's the web customers who are getting the last few . . . they are searching, and they know we're the only ones left out there with stock. One is going to live in Alabama, and the other five will be sitting on desks at a company in California called Nest Collective. They get played when someone makes a sale! I took #13. Too often, I've let these items slip through my hands, intending to take one. Then, suddenly there's only a few left and a customer wants all of them. I've never felt comfortable saying "you can have them all but one." At least I got my rapping hamster. If there is one silly item I would have chosen to keep, that is the one. (More about that hamster another time - when we start the Joie Hall of Fame series. . . )

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