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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Advance Notice Appreciated!

The Joie blogger was reading the Boston's Globe's last minute gift guide over coffee this morning.  She approached it with a bit of apprehension, not having been contacted by anyone there to see if Joie had any possible products to include, and felt she would see other, newer, stores listed and remember the days when Joie was likely to be there itself.  She was preparing to feel ill-used and yes, slightly jealous, as she began to look through - of course there were items fro Etsy, and various websites - and then, the Field Guide to Famous Felines poster caught her eye, one of our newer posters.  And, low and behold, there was our name and information, listed right above it.  So - yay!  Someone is still using us as a resource.  But - not yay - they didn't even tell us. So - now, I'm wondering, how many of the posters do we actually have in stock?  How fast can I get some more?  After thirty years in business, I feel entitled to say, "back in the old days" so I'm saying it now - back in the old days the writer including us in the article would have let us know so we could be prepared.  On the other hand - not complaining, and thank you for the shout-out, anonymous Globe sources!


  1. As the owners of an almost 10 year old store in Coolidge Corner, we had the same thoughts as we opened the guide. We hadn't been contacted and wondered what would be inside. Lo and behold, a few of our items were noted as well and the first thing out of my husband's mouth was "I hope I ordered enough." I know I never understood balancing inventory until we went into retail. I'm sure the writer thought it was going to be a nice surprise, not a panicked-will-my-customers-be-disappointed-and-never-shop-here-again-moment. So nice to be recognized, even without prior notice. Especially given the constant battle to survive.

    1. which store are you? and yes - constant battle to survive! I've had people come in to look for the poster- which we're now out of temporarily - (not that we had a lot) - but now enough time has gone by that I wouldn'r feel bad saying we sold out of it - hard to say that the first hour or two !!