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Monday, November 11, 2013

Unexpected Shout-out!

I have a friend with a wonderful store in another New England city who occasionally makes amusing drawings of things his customers have said.  It's kind of a retail thing - I'm not sure anyone but another retailer would really "get" most of them - but, I often look them over when I need some diversion from the never ending email and paperwork that seems to swamp me every day.  Anyway, just looked at one - and, we were mentioned!!

People do that in here too - show us wonderful items they got somewhere else - and I don't think it occurs to them that it can be a little annoying.  Of course, it's not always annoying - and often the item they are showing off is something I have seen and decided would not work here.  It can be annoying though, if there's other customers around and everyone suddenly gets interested in the non-available product!  Anyway, fun to see our name in lights as it were!  Thanks Matt - and for those who get to Providence - visit his store: it's wonderful! 

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