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Monday, December 24, 2012

I Don't Have to Work Tomorrow?

The Joie blogger is quite excited that - tomorrow will be her first day off in - six weeks! Plans definitely include sleeping a bit later than usual (no really young children involved in this particular celebration!) It's been the usual crazy whirlwind . . . and we've enjoyed seeing many of our customers who, like Christmas, come but once a year. (and "we" would like to acknowledge that we're aware that we shift somewhat often and somewhat erractically between "she" "I" and "we" when writing this blog - tonight, we plead fatigue!) (And, said blogger would also like to acknowledge that it might be possible to work less during this season and that working every day has become a habit that is difficult but could be possible to break.) Despite the grueling hours, we enjoyed a lot of things about the season - our wonderful customers, the wonderful people who return to work for just a few weeks in December, the wonderful people who work throughout the year . . . . and now, the wonderful opportunity to do nothing more than relax and be with family tomorrow. Thank you to all for making our existence possible, and "we" wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday tomorrow !

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