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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Long Have You Been Open?

"How long have you been open?" is a question we hear fairly frequently. Lately I've been noticing that when I give the answer - almost 28 years - the questioners seem almost shocked. Now this could be because we are so up to the moment and trendy that they assume we must be new - but I don't think so. Sometimes I think they're shocked because they suddenly realize I must be a bit older than they think if I've been running the store that long. And I think these days, a store being open for "awhile" more often translates into years than into decades. But another thought occurred to me recently as I answered the question for the umpteenth time. People like to feel like they've discovered something new- tell their friends, post to their blog or on Facebook - whatever. But if the store is as ancient as we are, they realize they haven't discovered it really. And worse, if they live in the neighborhood or close by, they realize it's been here all along and they never even noticed it. Anyway, once I thought of all these things, the responses I get are easier to understand. And then there's the other side - the customers who beg me never ever to close. And I think - just how long will I do this? Stay tuned . . . we're definitely going for 30 at minimum!

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