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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Small is Good

When I opened Joie de Vivre, one of my aims was to have a store where there would be something for almost anyone to buy — whether they could spend just a little or a lot. I really really did not want to have a store where someone walking in with $5 would feel like there was nothing there for them to buy. And we have remained true to that aim - our price range varies tremendously. This year, I've been struck by how that is mirrored in our online sales. (We've had a website for about four years now — late to the party, but we finally got there — feeling we really did need an online presence — both for loyal customers who had moved away from our area, and just to keep up with the modern world and show off our goods.) We don't have a shopping cart, so people who want to purchase must email or call us. And we get orders — some large, but lots of small ones. Just yesterday we had two orders where the cost of shipping the item was higher than the cost of the item — a wind-up lobster, and a talking mustache. Our smallest order ever was for 5 tiny rubber chickens which I mailed in an envelope for 44 cents. But I love that people will just buy one little thing. That's one of the things I wanted to provide for people when I opened the store... and it's interesting to realize that our online store is serving the same purpose. (& below — Japanese erasers, incredibly cute and $1.50 each!)

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