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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being Just a Little Bit Bad . . .

We became the official Cambridge home of "Wee Forest Folk" this year. Wee Forest Folk is a small company,and they have been making charming whimsical dressed mouse (and sometimes bear) sculptures right down the road from us in Concord, MA for the last 30 years. We met them at either the Toy Fair or the New York Gift Show - can't quite remember - and did some small orders which led to them asking us to be their Cambridge distributor - a post we happily accepted. A few weeks ago they dropped off some Christmas figures for our display case... and Sunday we sold the focal point - the holy family figures. Being us... we couldn't resist the opportunity to replace the family with something else... but we promise - he was only there for five minutes. The dignity of our display remains intact - and several customers told us that in Europe, it's traditional for the holy family to be absent until the 24th of December. In any case, we did save our brief fun in pictures and here it is - devil duckie takes one of his fifteen minutes of fame...

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