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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Feeling Part Two

So . . . . besides the fact that people who have worked for me for years and now have "real" jobs and/or husbands and kids are willing to come and work at Christmas, I realized something else kind of amazing. Three of the people on the list of former employees that I emailed - started to work at Joie de Vivre when they were in - - - High School ! I have known one of them for twenty five years now . . . and one for seventeen years . . . and one for . . maybe ten? It really is a wonderful thing to have these relationships with these wonderful people. And that's it for this week's posting of warm fuzzy feelings . . . will go back to less sentimental posting - promise !

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  1. I love these warm and fuzzy stories....
    I just celebrated ten years of working together with our farm manager...we were both so happy that our paths have crossed and that we have each changed and enriched each others lives for the better...xv