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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is That New?

The other day a long time customer was in shopping. I showed her a few new things and had left her to browse when I heard her exclaim excitedly over something. I looked up and the something was an item we have been carrying for maybe three or four years. She thought it was new because she had never noticed it before. This happens more than you might think. People who come in and look around often think they've seen it all - but they almost never have. And customers should not feel bad about this - a favorite story of mine involves a former part time Joie staffer who worked here for several years. He was famous for asking me "when did we get this?" about an item that had been on display in the same spot for at least a year! (If you're reading this Mr. "X" - you know who you are.) Anyway, I guess the moral of the story - if there is one - is - if you're looking for something here and don't think you see the right thing - it never hurts to ask - there might be a perfect thing that you just haven't spotted yet.

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