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Monday, March 8, 2010

An Embarrassing Story . . .

My sister just sent me a link to a website called Chatham Pottery, asking "is this your friend?" I took a look, and yes, it's the very same person who made the mug I have been drinking coffee out of every day for over 30 years. And it reminded me of a story. I used to go and visit him, pick up pottery for the gallery I was running and we became friends. One night we went to eat dinner at Gasho, a Japanese restaurant in upstate New York. It was very authentic and a very "in" place. One of its claims to fame: it had been shipped over from Japan in pieces and reassembled without using one nail. They cooked the food right at your table, novel at that time. And, they served hot sake, a beverage I was unfamiliar with. I liked it. We shared more than one bottle of sake, and toward the end of the meal, I picked up a little white bowl. I was struck with how beautifully made it was. All part of that amazing Japanese aesthetic and attention to every little detail. I mentioned this to my friend. He stared at me and started to laugh. "How much will you pay me not to tell anyone you said that?" he asked. I looked at the bowl a little more closely, with a little more focus. It was plastic. And me - a buyer for a well respected craft gallery, taking it for porcelain. I was mortified. I don't remember what deal we came to, maybe I bought dinner, but I did secure his word that he would never tell. I hadn't thought of that story for a long time. I think a surprise visit to Chatham Pottery might be in order!

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