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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was just in Baltimore at the American Craft Council Show. This is a show I've gone to for almost 35 years - first as a junior buyer, then as an exhibitor, (or more accurately, woodworker's girlfriend) and for the last twenty six as a buyer again. The quality of the work at this show is very high - so high that I only place a half dozen orders or so - most of the work is way too expensive for Joie de Vivre. Some of the work is perfect for Joie in spirit - like the work of Chris Roberts -Antieau. If I won the lottery - and I would of course, have to start buying tickets for this to be even a remote possibility - I would not close my store - but I would buy some of that wonderful in spirit but expensive work, just so people could come and see it. (don't worry, of course we would keep the wind-up toys and postcards and singing pickles too!) And maybe even buy it once in awhile. Take a look at her pieces - they are very special and amazing. And the show is full of equally wonderful work in all media . . . . a very tiny portion of which you will see on our shelves later this year!

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