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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now is the Time to be Jolly!

Just as we're decking the halls of Joie for Valentine's Day, its time for - the Joie de Vivre Holiday party. Last year we held it in the summer, so we feel we're doing rather well to have it less than a month after Christmas. Truth be told, it's hard to have a good party right around the 25th - everyone is so partied out, and sleep deprived, and yes, a little stressed - even we professional gift people sometimes have difficulty finding just the right present for Aunt Sally or the neighbor's cat. We have a lot of former Joie employees who just work in December now, and there's never enough time to catch up while actually at work - so it will be fun to hang out, drink libations, have dinner and trade our stories - that customer who just didn't understand how dominos work, the one who was seriously put out that we were closing at 9 pm, the one who brought us two basketfuls of delicious meringue mushrooms that she made herself, the constant emails begging for M-cups . . . which we, and every other store in the country, ran out of in early December. So many stories to tell, and then, after tonight, holidays 2009 will really be over!

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