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Monday, December 14, 2009

We're number #21 !

It's always been difficult for me to estimate how many of any given item we will sell during the holiday season. I've always found it hard to grasp how much more of everything we sell in December - even in a slow year/difficult economy. Are we really going to sell 150 Food Face plates - or am I completely crazy? This year, there's a new factor - our web site. I got an email from a gentleman in Texas. He wanted a dozen Daily Mood calendars to give his office mates. We had them, and when I spoke to him to take his order (we're modern enough to have a good website but old fashioned enough not to have an online shopping cart) he told me he had gone down the google list of sites selling this item. We were the 21st site he tried and the first to have stock. And suddenly our Daily Mood stock was seriously depleted. So even if I try to predict how many of an item we're going to need at Joie, our customers now have new competition from internet shoppers. Brave new world - and something to think about - in January, after all this holiday shopping is over!

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  1. I love the Reality of real live stores... and I also love the capability to make an animated "Play with your food Plate" as seen on your virtual site.
    2 loves .. it's very Joie De V.