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Thursday, August 20, 2009

back from New York and hard at work

So, I just got back from the New York Gift Show. I have a briefcase full of orders placed, leads to follow, things to research more, contacts made, people to call etc etc etc. But maybe I'm NOT hard at work. Maybe I've been playing with the squirrelizer. Okay I admit it. I spent a little too much time sending this picture out today. But I have been working hard - my last day off? I can't remember. And it was for a good cause: to introduce friends to the joys of squirrelizing. The work I didn't finish? I'll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow. It's only a day away . . . .


  1. Okay, I'll bite. What's a squirrelizer?

  2. Hi ... click on the word squirrelizer in the blog .. .and you will get to the website. The "squirrel" is a prairie dog from a vacation shot someone took and posted on the National Geographic site .. . and because its been so popular on the web, someone made a way to add it to any photo .. . which, if you like prairie dogs and have a little time. . can be kind of addictive!