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Sunday, May 10, 2009

time flies

Time flies when you're working all the time; I'm barely keeping up with my goal of blogging more than once a week! Today was Mother's Day. .. (we did a lot of giftwrapping yesterday) . and today, there were a number of fathers and children in. It's fun to watch the littlest kids trying to pick out something for Mom.. and getting completely sidetracked by the things they want. Dads with varying degrees of patience explaining that no, Mom probably would not love the mechanical noisy penguin race as much as her kid does. And we had some really sweet older kids and teenagers buying a present for Mom. Even as I recognize that Mother's Day is a pretty manufactured Hallmarky kind of holiday, I still get a kick out of the kids shopping. It was a beautiful day and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Many customers stayed in the store for over an hour, just poking around looking at things - that always makes me feel good! The flip side: when someone walks in, takes a look around and immediately walks out - sometimes I feel a little stab of inadequacy: Why don't they find it interesting? Objectively, I know there are many reasons why someone might walk out. I know we can't please everyone, or even please our regular customers every single time, but I do take it to heart.

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  1. When people walk in and walk out again, it is, surely, most often, because Joie de Vivre is not the store they thought it might be. They were looking for a NY Times and you didn't sell newspapers; they thought you might sell flowers and, as it turned out, you didn't; they were looking for beer, they were looking for brunch, they were looking for coffee, they were looking for clothes. In their single-minded pursuit they weren't distractable. But then, occasionally, there are people without any imagination. And what a pity that is. Try not to take it to heart.