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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you still have ?

There are a lot of wonderful items we have sold over the years that are no longer available - it's sad, but eventually dancing coke bottles, mirrors that wolf whistle, singing hamsters or animated bug music boxes disappear from our shelves . . . many items we would still carry if we could.  Once a big commercial company has sold the first hundred thousand of something, they figure if they can't sell another hundred thousand, they should move on to something else.  There is one item we get queries on more than any other, and I just answered an email about that item this morning: the wooden unicycling man who sat on top of a roll of toilet paper. We haven't had one for at least fifteen years and still, every month we get a call. It's amazing what love and loyalty certain items  inspire, and I hate being the bearer of the bad news. On the up side, at least it gives us room to display new items - if we had to keep everything we've ever sold in stock plus keep up with the new,  we would be as big as Walmart by now!

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